Columbia College Chicago Roommate Agreement

When a student obtains a housing contract, he or she also has some time to sign and file the housing contract received. However, some fall applicants generally do not fully commit to universities until May, and some may not have received funding when their online housing contract is sent to them. If you are unable to meet your housing contract filing deadline, your contract and housing application will be terminated. However, you can reapply and request that the same $500 down payment be applied. If you reapply, you will be placed at the end of our pool of candidates and you will have to wait until the next round of the contract. Please understand that Residence Life cannot guarantee that another task will be completed or that you will secure on-campus accommodation for the academic year. There are fewer and fewer options available for each next cycle of housing contracts. FOR THE CAS CANDIDATS, if a student has agreed to a housing contract but must terminate it now, they can do so by June 1, 2020 and have their $500 advance refunded. After June 1, you may be released from any other financial commitments to your housing contract if you no longer plan to go to university, but you will not be reimbursed on your $500 advance. Cancellation requests must be sent to Returning students who secured the accommodation during the campaign do not benefit from this cancellation option. You will find all the room allocations and information about the apartments on the residential portal, such as the residence Life email. “If you have any doubts that a roommate has the virus, we recommend that you have a conversation with them about the two that are being tested.

Columbia will offer tests to all resident students on request,” the email states. Current Columbia College returnees have the option of securing their room endowments against new residents. As a result, new transfer students may not receive their first housing preference in the first year. The type of room that has been assigned to you will be best suited to your residences and roommates at the time of application. Residential offers are based on room preferences, not building preferences. If you are unable to file the housing contract before your deadline, please read the information in the Time section of the construction contract. If you have entered into the housing contract, but now want a different type of space, please read the Space Change section. Graduate Students – Graduates at the end of the fall 2020 semester will be able to continue to participate in the contract renewal campaign.

Although you get an annual academic contract, the university is licensed from the spring portion of their contract because they are not enrolled for spring 20 classes and have moved until the end of the fall semester.