Exclusive Sales Rights Agreement

Unless reported earlier, as stipulated in this agreement, the duration of the agreement begins from the effective date and automatically expires at the end [the number of years] years after the effective date. Any party may terminate this agreement as follows: (a) immediately after [number of days prior to announcement] days following the prior announcement, with or without reason; (b) in the event of an infringement or non-compliance with this agreement by the other party who has not been cured within [numbers of days after delivery] days following the notification to the party that was allegedly contrary to the party and which indicates in a particular way the condition, act, omission or conduct relied upon as such violation or defect; (c) immediately after dissolution, insolvency or bankruptcy or transfer to creditors by the other party or when the other party suspends its activities in an ordinary or normal course; (d) without delay, if required by law or by a rule, regulation, order, regulation, judgment, judgment or other state act of a government authority; or (e) immediately by the supplier if the supplier reasonably suspects that the distributor has violated any of its obligations to protect the supplier`s ownership rights. The supplier undertakes to make such descriptive literature, promotional materials, technical manuals and promotional materials on the supplier`s products available to the distributor (by e-mail in pdf format), as the supplier may be available from time to time for such uses. The trader has the right to translate these materials into the languages of the territory at his own expense. The supplier reserves ownership of all property rights, including the intellectual property rights of the translated versions of the documents. The distributor is solely responsible for the accuracy of the translations and provides the supplier with a copy of each translated work. The distributor will review the materials immediately (at the distributor`s expense) after notification from the supplier. It is quite common for small businesses that manufacture their own products to lack the manpower, skills or financial resources to bring their products into a larger market. If you are in this position, an exclusive marketing rights agreement might be a good option. An EMRA is a contract between your company and a distributor that grants the distributor a portion of the profits from the sales in exchange for advertising and selling your products.