How Is Agreement Value Calculated

While stamp duty is a tax that indicates the fee based on transaction value, the registration tax is to put a contract or document in government records. Simply put, the government keeps a register of documents against a tax. This process confers great inviolability on documents that would not otherwise be legally binding. If you want to know the actual market value of your property, you must follow the procedure and know the exact details of the property, in which jurisdiction is or is the property, such as for example; 1. District 2. Taluka 3rd Division or Village 4. Type of property as (land, residential, office, store and industrial unit) 5.C. P. (Cadastral Survey Number) in Mumbai Division C.T.S.

(Chain and Triangulation Survey Number in Mumbai Suburban Village F. P. (Final Plot Number) S. N. (Survey Number) GAT Number (Number Area) etc. of the property (Gat books of relevant survey numbers / Hissa Numbers / Gat Numbers / Khasra Numbers) With the help of “RECKONER” you need to find the division / Village with zone / sub-area and number C.S. / C.T.S. etc. on your part, in the table you will find the prices of the property like land, housing, office, store and industrial unit. Prices are per square metre (built-up area) or in hectares. With the help of “GUIDE LINE” for (Mumbai and Mumbai Suburban District and the rest of Maharashtra), you need to increase or decrease the rate according to different valuation factors and you will get the true market value of the property.

In the calculation of market value, there are different variants that look like: 1. Bungalow / apartment under group residence / terraced house project, etc. 2. Building without elevator / multi-door building with elevator (floor) 3. Final age of the building 4. Parking (Open air parking / Closed parking) 5th terrace, open plot with ground floor etc. Example: Is indicated for the property in the Municipality Corporation Area (contract for sale) (According to Atricle 25 (d) of the list – I of the Maharashtra Stamp Act.) Note: stamp duty varies depending on the location of the property. Area: BORIVALI Village: KANDIVALI Zone: 79 Sub-Area: 354 C.T.S. No: 1 Property: RESIDENTIAL Building Age: 1 year Building: Without elevator Proerty is located on: Ground floor Apartment area: 500 sq Carpet Feet Note: Calculation must be made on the built area in square meters. .

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