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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

The Best $20 You’ll Spend On Fitness

Buy a ball. You can spend less that $20 and get a fitness tool that will make any workout better. Whether you already own a “home gym machine” or have nothing at all, a fit ball or Swiss ball is a good addition to your home. You have an option of various sizes and they come in all price ranges. You can easily find one for $20.
When inflated these multi-colored balls are about 45-65 diameter. If you want the right size just have a seat and make sure your feet are flat on the floor and your legs are at a 90% angle. You can work your legs, core and upper body with little or no extra equipment.
Use the ball to challenge your leges with squats. Put the ball against a wall at waist level. Position the ball at your lower back. Walk your feet forward a bit so that when you squat your legs reach a 90 degree angle. Roll the ball along your back and you go up and down. If your knees are sore limit the range of movement, and make sure you don’t squat past 90 degrees.
For the upper body you can do a variation on push ups. Get on your stomach on the ball, then walk your hands out until the ball is under your upper thighs. Do a set of push ups. You will be increasing your ability to balance as you challenge your core muscles as well as working your chest, back and arms. Over time as you get more confident you can increase the difficulty by walking your hands out out a little further until the ball is under your shins and eventually your ankles.
You can also work the core (stomach), legs and upper body but doing a variety of plank exercises. Kneel down and put your forearms on the ball. Walk your feet back until you’re balanced on your toes. Hold for a count of ten. Increase the difficulty by holding for longer periods of time.
If you have a set of dumbells, sit on the ball while doing overhead presses or bicepts curls. Any exercise you do standing will be more challenging and thereby more effective when sitting on a ball.

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