Sap Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement

SAP Cloud Platform is a service platform (PaaS) for cloud application development in a fully delivered environment, with a range of services, features and tools that developers can create, expand and integrate into the cloud. The consumer-based business model gives customers the flexibility to have a SKU for all available SAP Cloud Platform services, and then pay for the amount of services used and used via cloud credits. And SAP provides monthly usage reports so customers can track the success and use of their project. For the most part, you can now enjoy a rich and simple digital experience to find SAP cloud services, try to buy and use to develop unrestricted innovations. And the site experience is now greatly enhanced with the ability to accurately estimate the cost of the services needed to optimize the use of your purchased cloud funds. Bring agility to life! SAP Cloud Platform Services Catalog: Any use beyond the cloud credits available for each period results in overruns and is charged based on the list price. SAP will send these invoices monthly. If you`re an SAP Cloud Platform developer, you also want to know how to get your innovation projects off the place as quickly as possible by discovering the services you have. Our new website allows you to do just that. Now you`ll find everything you need in a place with an incredibly simple user experience that reflects the familiar SAP Cloud Platform cockpit. is a one-stop shop for all your development needs – from the comfortable service catalog to the full cost assessor.

New and existing customers can use the new consumption model. If you`re ready to start your project, you can purchase cloud credits – the monetary value of prepaid service consumption – through the new SAP Cloud Platform enterprise agreement. For more information, contact your account agent. The goal of the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (CPEA) is to create a complete and simple customer experience for researching, testing, purchasing and using SAP cloud services and partners for new and installed core customers. It allows customers to integrate, expand and renew their own applications with commercial and technical features offered as cloud services. 2018 is a great time to use our agile platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for digital transformation. Develop and connect your existing business systems while creating new scenarios to develop innovations before the curve. Using SAP Cloud Platform has never been easier with the new site, appraiser and pricing model – so start building the cloud app of your dreams, starting now! SAP is betting that you want to use SAP Cloud Platform Services and the new consumer-based model for your digital transformation, so watch it today! This business model is also called SAP Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement (SAP Cloud Platform EA) and allows you to consume cloud credits based on actual usage. This model gives you the most flexibility. SAP Enterprise Support, Cloud Editions are integrated into the sap-cloud services available as part of the Cloud Platform Enterprise Agreement.

As with the existing subscription model. There is no switch per se. Customers can, at their own discretion, turn existing cloud services on and off. For elastic services, there is no need to disable, as only actual use is mandatory. For example, based services (i.e. the HANA database) that are calculated from a period, there is a deactivation provided. The service catalog provides each cloud service with a detailed description of its scope of functions, as well as the pricing schedules available in the respective data centers.