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Our private gym has been serving the Foothill community since we opened in 1989. While some of our clients are high-profile industry people, most are regular moms and dads who want to feel stronger, look better and improve their quality of life. We also train young people who need to improve their physical performance to qualify for fire or police training. Through the years, we have found that few clients are interested in bodybuilding; most just want to get fit, lose weight and feel great.

Experience is a key consideration when selecting a personal trainer. Vicki and Derick Rotunno, the certified personal trainers of Body Mastery, have worked for over 20 years with over a thousand clients. Fitness training only becomes personal training when each program is tailored to the individual.

At our facility, people get healthy safely, without getting discouraged or injured. “No pain no gain” is a myth. Proper form ensures our clients learn to work out without being too sore to move the next day. We provide heart rate monitors to measure effort and make each session safe and effective.

Good health is important, but not everyone has unlimited funds to spend on private personal training. Over the years we developed a way to cater to people with limited time and money, to fit a program into any budget while offering a fun alternative for those who hate exercise. We are the UN- BOOTCAMP.

Derick Rotunno is a New Jersey transplant who came to California in 1977. He met Vicki while working for Pacific Southwest Airlines and attending classes at California State University, Northridge. In 1989 Derick graduated from college, married Vicki and together they started a business doing what they enjoy most, helping people get healthy.


Body Mastery has served the people of La Crescenta, La Cañada, Montrose and Glendale California as well as the greater Los Angeles area since 1989.

We are Derick and Vicki Rotunno, and we would be happy to discuss how we can help you.

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