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Body Mastery Pricing

While most personal trainers charge $75-$100 per hour or more, our rates start at just $35 for a 30-minute session in our private fitness studio. Full in-studio sessions are $55 for 50 minutes. In addition we offer off-site training in your home or at your workplace. These sessions are priced higher and can be discussed with a trainer when you call.

There’s never been a better time to commit to a healthier lifestyle!

How Are We So Affordable?

At Body Mastery, we offer several ways to help you fit certified personal training into your budget while maximizing your time, effort, and results.

First, we combine weight training with cardiovascular conditioning. We know that the body only begins to metabolize fat as an energy source after 19 minutes of working in the target heart rate zone. Most people don’t know this, and they stop before the real fat burning begins.

Your past workouts may not have given you the best results, especially if you did cardio a few times a week and then trained with weights separately. We make your personal training workouts more effective and save you time by combining weight training with a rigorous cardiovascular session.

We start with a five minute warm-up to get you into your target heart rate zone. You will be provided with a heart monitor so that we can observe your pulse rate throughout your workout. You perform exercises to target specific muscle groups and then return to the treadmill, elliptical trainer or bicycle to keep your heart rate in the target zone. This circuit training, using a heart monitor, allows us to personally tailor your routine while you accomplish two things at the same time. You tone your muscles, lose weight and work your heart and lungs, which improves your health and endurance.

Next, we teach you how to do a home routine. We will teach you how to tone your entire body using simple hand weights. That way you can workout at home and when you travel. If money is a concern, we teach you to be your own personal trainer. Then you can do a workout on your own one or two days a week or add cardio at home by simply going out for a walk. Then you can reduce the amount of times you come to our gym for a session. For best results, you may want to come in at least once a week for accountability and to allow us to fine-tune your program to continue to challenge your body.

If you’re not ready to spend $55 for a full session, we are flexible and can offer you sessions for any length between 30 to 50 minutes to tailor your workout to the time and money you are able to spend. Read more about how small changes can yield big results and start now. We want to make this work for you, so we also have multiple session discounts and half-off for friends. Call us to see what we can work out for you.