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About Us

Derick and Vicki Rotunno are certified personal trainers with 25 years of combined experience and hundreds of hours in nutritional counseling. With the majority of clients looking to tone up and lose weight it is important to realize two things: You can burn 300-600 calories in an hour or add that same amount in three or more mouthfuls.


If you have any physical concerns such as low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain or any other aching problems, chances are Derick and Vicki have dealt with it before. They know what to do and more importantly what to avoid. Body Mastery Personal Training will personalize a fitness routine that will not only make you look better but more importantly make you feel better as you become more healthy. They have experience in increasing flexibility, balance and stamina to help senior clients maintain their independence. Choosing a knowledgeable experienced fitness professional allows you to strengthen weak areas, alleviate pain and increasing overall quality of life. Unfortunately with all the boot camps and inexperienced personal trainers out there, many people get discouraged and injured. That will not happen with Body Mastery personal training.

Derick and Vicki have worked together for over 20 years but train clients
separately. This allows them to each bring something a little different to the table. Derick’s skill set is more traditional with circuit training in the target heart zone. He uses free weights, machines and balance challenges using BOSU and swiss balls. Vicki uses many of the same traditional exercises but combines her training in Yoga and Pilates to address the specific concerns of female clients. Some clients enjoy training with both Derick and Vicki. They’ll go one day with Derick to focus on upper body strength using free weights and machines, and train another day with Vicki for a routine that concentrates on trouble zones like the legs, butt and abs.

Body Mastery has been serving the people of La Crescenta, La Cañada, Montrose and Glendale California as well as the greater Los Angeles area since 1989. Click here to read more about our history.

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