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Why Train With Us

There are certain key elements Body Mastery offers that differ from other training centers. With all the options available and a variety of personal trainers, it may be somewhat confusing when it comes to picking the person
to entrust with your health and fitness.
1. We provide a private atmosphere. It’s only you and one trainer. You don’t need to match your shorts with your socks, and you don’t need to do your hair. You won’t have to wait to use our equipment, which is professional quality, well maintained and clean.
2. You won’t worry about getting hurt or becoming so sore that it hurts to get out of bed the next day. We are mature adults with 20 years experience. We personalize each routine and have worked with several doctors and medical professionals over the years. Your workout is not only safe, but effective. Every client is provided a heart monitor that provides a measure of accountability, safety and quantifiable assessment.
3. You see the same personal trainer each time. Vicki and I are the only trainers. Many personal training centers have multiple trainers which often results in a different trainer each time. We get to know each client and develop a relationship that facilitates progress and avoids mistakes.
4. We track of your progress. We keep a file on each client which includes photos, measurements, heart rate analysis and body fat analysis using state of the art technology.
5. We are affordable. Body Mastery works with clients with a wide range of budgets. We have a pricing structure that starts at less than half the competition. We work with you. If you can’t come two or three time a week, we show you what to do when you’re on your own the rest of the week.
6. We provide nutritional counselling. If you want to lose weight we provide you with expert advice. We have several programs that have been successful for losing pounds and inches, and we can personalize a custom plan that works for you.
7. We have years of experience. Some of our clients are over 90 years old. They come to us and tell their friends because we know how to get results.

Body Mastery has been serving the people of La Crescenta, La Cañada, Montrose and Glendale California as well as the greater Los Angeles area since 1989. Read more about our history here.

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