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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Jumpstart your new fitness program

What happens when you make a big change for just two weeks? You get big results. Body Mastery Personal training is rolling out a new program we call “Jumpstart.” This is a two week commitment to provide quick results. Everyone starts an exercise program with good intentions. We find that fast and dramatic results are the best encouragement to stick with it.
You can feel better and look better in days. Give us two weeks and you will be on your way to reaching your long-term goals. This is the best way to dive into a program, with expectations of success and the guidance you need.
Our “Jumpstart” nutrition plan is strict, but it is in keeping with dietary guidelines that were developed to fight obesity-related conditions like pre-diabeties, and high blood pressure. Your overall health will benefit.
For two weeks clients combine this nutritional regime with a three high intense workout sessions per week. We will give you suggestions for what you can do at home and provide unlimited phone support during your “jumpstart.”
This is not boot camp. All sessions are customized for your fitness level and incorporate continuous heart monitoring. We won’t ask you to anything that hurts and you won’t hate what we ask you to do. Our nutrition plan is not a cleanse or a fad diet. It is a program based on scientific research combined with accelerated training techniques.

Call today to give your fitness a “jumpstart.”

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