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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

You can lose 2 pounds a week

Eat breakfast every day. It will speed up your metabolism. Try to eat within one hour of waking for the best effect.

Eat 20 grams of protein each day. It will help you build muscle. The kind of muscle that increases your metabolism and burns fat.

Drink at least 10 glasses of water per day. It will curb your appetite and help your liver to process fat right out of your body. This is easy and the payoff is huge.

Stop eating excess sugar. You can’t burn body fat when you body has sugar to burn. Sugar also raises your insulin level. Insulin helps your body store fat. That’s why insulin is called the fat hormone.

Add more fiber and veggies to your diet. It will help you feel full and give your body the much needed energy it needs to burn calories.

Finally, start a regular exercise routine. It helps to meet with a trainer to get you started. With a few hours of instruction, you can learn how to tone up, feel younger, and speed up your metabolism. It may be the best investment you make in your life. Click here to find out more about how Body Mastery can help you.

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