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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Tips for eating away from home:

Try to eat before you’re hungry and drink (water) before you’re thirsty.

Have something on hand to snack on between meals.
Some examples are: string cheese, cut veggies, low cal. power bars
apples, bananas, cantaloupe (cup in baggie), or popcorn.

Have breakfast every morning, preferably in your room. Most people skip
breakfast and this can slow you metabolism down.

Have a low carb., low fat, high protein breakfast. Most people who try to go
low cal. for breakfast often go low protein. (cereal) Cottage cheese is
great way to go. (top with fruit)

For lunches out, try a salad with a protein source. Most places have a healthy
section. Be careful with salad dressing, they can become worse than a
Big Mac. (vinaigrette is often a good choice)

Dinners can be manageable by doing the following. Tell the waiter you’re
on a low fat diet, what does he suggest. Good places sometimes have
a special menu or section they can point out. If not, stick with broiled
fish and double veggies. If you are assertive from the beginning, it
prevents a lot of sins.

Most restaurants begin with a bread basket, chips or a “something from the
bar?” request. Get out in front of this, right after hello! What you do
before dinner can blow your whole day.

When it comes to things to avoid, carbs. can be a big problem. Avoid pasta,
bread, rice and many of the sides that come with your entree.
Anything with cream is obviously a problem.

When its dessert time you can always say, just coffee for me. If not go with
a plain berry dish or a small sorbet scoop.

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