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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Eat Breakfast

Your hormones can help you or keep you fat. Eating breakfast can help you manage your hormones more effectively in your favor.
Eat within an hour of waking. Ghrelin is called the “feed me” hormone and it’s triggered as soon as we wake up. If we ignore this nasty hormone and don’t eat, it will make us more ravenous when we do. A good idea is a mix of low fat protein and some complex carbohydrates.
Ghrelin also begins to rise again a few hours before lunch. If you get a mid morning break, have a small snack to make lunch more productive. I like a stick of string cheese. It’s portable and you can make it last.
Another hormone creeps up around lunchtime called Galanin. When you eat dietary fat you produce more Galanin. This all goes on without us even knowing. If you eat more cleanly you stop the insidious cycle of craving more or the artery clogging stuff that can actually kill you.

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