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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

How to Make Healthier ChoicesBeware of the Boot Camp mentality. You don’t need someone yelling at you to make you work out, or forcing you to change your entire life instantly. Your natural response will be to rebel, and soon you will be further from your goals than before you started.
My experience as a certified personal trainer is that this does not work in the long run. It’s better to make gradual changes that become part of your lifestyle. That is the key to lifelong fitness and good health.
Our fitness instruction discourages fad dieting. Anyone can lose weight. However, it is much harder to achieve permanent weight loss. Most dieters have lost at least a hundred pounds. And gained back 110 lbs. Statistics show that drastic changes seldom become permanent behaviors.
However, most people need guidance and support so they can get the results they need to stick with the program. Studies have found that when a subject doesn’t get results the subject is likely to get discouraged and quit.
Our fitness program is personalized to help you get results by not only making changes for the good, but catching those little slip ups that may be getting in the way of your sucess. We help you make manageable changes over time. We provide as much or as little fitness instruction and nutritional guidelines to help you reach your goals. All at an affordable price that makes getting in shape doable.
To make healthier choices start with a decision to make yourself accountable. Weight yourself once a week. If you want help, give us a call. We would love to hear your questions.

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