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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Want to feel younger?

If you’re over thirty you’ve probably noticed that some things may be changing. After the age of 30 people start losing muscle at a rate of about ½ pound a year. Many people start to get a little winded after a walk up a steep hill. The lower back may get a little stiff and energy levels are not now what they used to be.
The good news is you can feel younger by investing a few hours a week in a fitness routine. I tell my personal training clients: You can lose weight, tone up and increase your energy in less time than you think. The best way to increase energy for example is to lose a few pounds by cardio vascular conditioning. You kill two birds by increasing the hearts stroke volume and also speeding up your metabolism. A nice by product is you’ll live longer and decrease the chances of a stroke or heart attack. A good example would be to walk around for an hour with a 20 lb. dumb bell. Now multiply that by 24. You would defiantly have more energy if you put it down (lost the weight) and walked around with out the dumb bell.
Want to lose some weight without eating like a bird. Add some muscle and you’ll automatically raise your metabolism. The muscle you add will help slouching posture, put a strut in your step and improve your confidence level. If you add ten lbs. of muscle over your entire body you will increase your metabolism 300-500 cals. a day. Take 500 times seven days week and this will take off a lb. a week. (3500 calories)
One of the best bangs for your time is stretching. In only three to five minutes a day I can show anyone how to dramatically improve their flexibility. If you have better flexibility you’ll also have fewer aches and pains. Fewer aches and pains equals feeling younger as well. The best news is that there are 168 hours in a week and you only need two or three to make all the necessary changes.

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