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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

How to Stay Motivated

One of the most important things to help you stay motivated when you first start an exercise program is seeing immediate results. If you begin with an effective program you WILL make progress.
Over the years my personal training career has allowed me to meet over a thousand clients. Everyone I’ve met has already tried something to lose weight and get in shape. The problem is that most people lack the information necessary to create a tailored program for themselves that will actually work.
If you’re reading this you probably are looking for a reason to pick up the phone and get started. Most personal training clients want the same thing —to lose weight and tone up. The biggest problem is that a person can work out faithfully five days a week and never lose an ounce. Did you know that some of the appetizers at Appleby’s require a person to run a half marathon to burn off the calories? The bottom line is you need to move more on a regular basis and eat less than you burn.
What we do here at Body Mastery is provide accountability. A safe and effective exercise program that will make you fit without getting you hurt. We offer sample eating programs to give structure to your decision making.
Our clients are encouraged to keep a food dairy to help modify existing behaviors. The trick is to make small changes in the beginning. After these changes become good habits, we make more adjustments to help our clients progress.
Be realistic. It takes a reduction of 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. If you want to stay motivated don’t set yourself up for disappointment by expecting to lose five or ten pounds a week. If you lose the weight slowly you’ll have less chance of gaining it back quickly. The body actually produces a hormone that makes you gain weight back more easily if you lose it too fast. Do yourself a favor and be patient. You didn’t get this way in two months but you can make a big improvement in two months if you start the right program today.

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