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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Quick Light Lunches

Chef Salad – 3 oz. turkey, 3 oz. ham, 2 oz. low fat cheese, green leaf salad
butter leaf or romaine, tomato. Mix 4-5 tsp. low cal. dressing

Chicken Salad – Mix 6 oz. cooked chicken (or canned) with chopped celery
raisons, grapes and walnuts. Add 4-5 tsp. low fat mayo

Turkey Sandwich – In mini pita or rye add 6 oz. turkey with chopped bell
small tomato, mustard. Have and a few almonds after.

Grilled Swiss and Tomato – On rye bread put 4-6 oz. reduced Swiss and ½
tomato. Use Pam instead of butter.

Tuna Sandwich – Mix 2/3 can tuna (water packed) with low fat mayo. Add
chopped celery and ¼ tsp. relish and put in small pita.

Cheeseburger – Broil or BBQ 7oz. lean top sirloin. Put on slice of rye with
lettuce, tomato and a little ketchup. Have open faced.

BLT Sandwich – 3 oz. cooked extra lean Canadian bacon, 1 ½ oz. n/f
cheese, lettuce, tomato, 1tsp. light mayo on rye.

Seafood Salad – 6 oz. shrimp /crabmeat (canned or fresh), chopped celery,
bell pepper, tomato and light mayo. Mix and put on lettuce.

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