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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

How to Reverse the Aging Process

When I first started doing body fat testing for gyms and businesses, I thought I would need to start taking acting classes. I would ask questions and then input the info into my Futrex 2000 inferred body fat machine. I can look at someone and guess their weight usually within a few pounds. Age, I found I was pretty bad at guessing. Looking surprised or amazed is not a good thing when someone your testing tells you their age.
When people let themselves go, they not only take years off their lives, but add 10-20 years to their looks in the process. If you are calling a personal trainer, chances are you want to look better. With few exceptions looking better usually means losing weight, increasing energy and looking younger.
There are certain things that happen as we age. We lose muscle tone and many of the vital fluids that we had when we were younger. Fortunately many of the things we lose due to aging are caused by disuse and can be reversed when we start moving again.
One of my favorite examples is arthritis. As we get older the joints start to dry out. You may of noticed how stiff you are first thing in the morning. This is because of restricted movement during sleep. This problem is further complicated is we spend the next 18 hours doing as little as possible. The good news is, the joints are self lubricating. The best thing to make your knees and the rest of the joints feel better is to move them on a regular basis.
Feeling younger is great but the best thing in terms of reversing the aging process is living a disease free life into our 70’s and 80’s. Every time you workout for 30-50 minutes something remarkable happens. You boost your immune system for the next three to four hours. Little things (like flu bugs and even cancer) get cleaned out before they get a chance to grow and become problems that can eventually kill us.
One doctor wrote an article that put it in simple terms. Think of it like a cleaning woman that goes through your body for four hours after your workout and cleans out the garbage.
So if you want to lose weight, reverse the aging process and look younger give us a call. Body Mastery Personal Training has been helping people in La Crescenta, La Canada and Glendale look and feel better for the past 20 plus years.

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