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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Simple ExercisesWall Sit

This exercise will help you get stronger legs. You can do it at home without any gym equipment.

Stand with your back up against a wall. Walk your feet out two or three little steps while pressing your back flat on the wall. Slowly lower yourself, bending at the knees. Just go far enough to engage your muscles, but not so far as to have your knees when flexed go further forward than your ankles. Pause and count to five. Make sure you can see your feet. Then come up again. Repeat 10 times. Try to do this at least 3 times a week. Challenge yourself to step out further, bend more, and hold the sitting position for longer as you get stronger.

Think of trying to pose as if you were a chair, with your feet directly below your knees. It may take some time to work up to achieving a 90 degree angle and a pause time of 60 seconds.

Make sure you do not push your knees past a 90 degree angle.. This over bending is how people get injured doing squats. Use the wall to help you keep balanced. Wear a watch and keep track as you hold so you can compete with your last time. Soon you will be doing these with perfect form. Your legs will get stronger and you will find it much easier to climb stairs.

Body Mastery will post more simple exercising in the weeks to come. Please bookmark our website.

You don’t need any fancy equipment and don’t need to spend a long time learning how to work out safely and effectively. We can teach anyone in a few hours the proper form and technique. Give us a call if you need a little help getting started.

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