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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Improve your timing

Timing really is everthing. Even when losing weight. Eat a low fat breakfast featuring protein and complex carbs within an hour of waking.
Have a light mid-morning snack, but keep it small. A stick of string cheese is all you need until lunch.

Make sure your lunch features protein. A carb lunch can make you drowsy during your afternoon. And if your energy drops mid-afternoon, reach for a sugar free yogurt or a glass of skim milk. These light low fat snacks can help you reach dinnertime without getting ravenous.

If you want a caffeine boost, make sure you have it before 4 PM. Sleep is a factor that all the experts agree can affect weight loss. As we age we produce less melatonin. If you want to sleep better, avoid caffeine of any type after 4:00 and try some melatonin after dinner. With this natural supplement, less is more. All you want is one to three mgs. It’s not a sleeping pill so you shouldn’t fall asleep watching TV after you eat.

If you want to maximize fat burning spend 30 minutes of strength training between 4:00 and 8:00 PM. Studies show that’s when your metabolism is lowest and your temperature is highest.

However, better to exercise at another time than not exercise at all. The best time to exercise is when you know you’ll do it. For some people early is better than later. If you have a routine that works, stick with it. If you don’t and want to get a bang from you weight loss efforts, hit the weights. You don’t need any fancy equipment and don’t need to spend a long time learning how to lift. We can teach anyone in a few hours the proper form and technique. Give us a call if you need a little help getting started.

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