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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

Strategies to help you break your weight loss plateau

If you are really making an effort to lose weight and have hit a sticking point, this info is for you. There are two kinds of people, the one’s who wish they were smaller and the one’s who do something about getting better. The frustrating thing is to make a real effort and still fail to make progress. The following tips may help.

Don’t eat past 8:00 PM if possible. Our bodies burn calories at different rates during the day. We burn food more rapidly the earlier we eat. This is a good reason to eat a big breakfast, medium lunch and smaller dinner.

The previous fact leads nicely into my advice on snacking. Pay careful attention to the time and amount of calories in our snacks. Avoid trail mix, dried fruit and nuts. They all are calorie dense. Try instead low calorie popcorn or cut up veggies. If you snack while you watch TV, keep it around a hundred calories per night.

Drink more water that you think is possible. No matter how much you drink, drink more. This is the biggest no-brainer on the list. There are so many reasons it really deserves a blog entry all to itself. Trust me, I heard one authority say shoot for a gallon a day.

Skipping breakfast or skipping meals in general is a real way to stall your weight loss progress. You may thing you’re saving calories by skipping, but statistics prove otherwise. The bump you get in your metabolism from a small healthy meal out weighs what you save by avoiding your meal in the first place.

Finally, you probably need to move more. Unfortunately our metabolism is our own worst enemy. As we age it continues to decline. If we don’t plan in advance to walk or do some resistance training it probably won’t happen. When you look at your week on Sunday set two or three day’s aside. If you wait until the end of a busy cay to decide you know what the answer will be.

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