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Lighten Up with Derek and Vicki!

How to Commit to Exercise

Most clients contact a personal trainer because they want to to reach a fitness goal. However, most people need help in when it comes to actually committing to a new fitness routine.
The number one reason to call a weight loss coach or personal fitness trainer is the desire to lose weight and keep it off. If just eating less would do it, then most people would easily reach their goal weight. The problem lies in the fact that as people age metabolism slows, and so does motivation. Mature adults gain weight by eating same as when they were in their 20’s. The reason this happens is due to a change in body composition.
Children and young adults are more active and build and maintain muscle mass with little or no extra effort. After the age of 30 the average person begins to lose about a ½ pound of muscle a year. 130 lbs at 20 will often look quite different than 130 lbs at 50.
This trend can be reversed if we challenge the muscles correctly with progressive resistance. This is where an experienced, certified personal trainer can make a dramatic impact on the way that 130 lbs is shaped and refined.

If you need to commit to a fitness program there is no substitute for progress. When you follow a proven method for success and achieve quick results, chances are you’ll continue. This is why an experienced fitness professional can be the difference between losing weight and getting healthy or starting strong and burning out.
For the past 20 years Body Mastery has helped its La Canada, La Crescenta, Sunland and Tujunga neighbors “Commit To Be Fit”. We’ve fine tuned our methodology and shown our clients that you can improve your health and appearance and most importantly, not hate the process.

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