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Our trainers teach you how to eat sensibly to get the best results. We want to make sure you eat in a way that supports your progress. Proper nutrition will get you results and maximize your time and effort

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  • Basic guidelines

Eat three meals every day. Don’t skip breakfast or skip any meal. This may slow down your metabolism.

Have a small snack in between breakfast , lunch and dinner.
A snack means 100- 300 calories.

Always have betweeen 15-25 grams of protein with every meal. pPeople who go low fat often eliminate protein.Men should have 100-150 and women between 60-90 grams of protein daily.

Avoid any alcohol during the week and drink only in moderation during the weekend. This not only avoids empty calories, but also prevents a slowed metabolism which stores excess fat.

Men should limit total fat grams to 40-50 per day and women should limit fat grams to 30-40 grams.

Concentrate on water based carbohydrates like vegetables and fruits and avoid starch based carbohydrates like bagels and pastas. Limit starch intake.

Avoid fat free desserts, they often have more calories than the traditional versions. Most have sugar as the primary ingredient which raises insulin and promotes fat storage.

Try eating different uncooked fresh vegetables. for snacks. Try red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers, cucumbers, okra, celery, and carrots.

Get in the habit of reading food labels. Learn to estimate the nutritional value of the items you eat most. People generally eat the same food about 80% of the time.

Buy a reference book that supplies nutritional information. This will allow you to find the fat and calories in food that is not labeled.

Vary the amount of calories you consume from day to day. The idea is to trick your metabolism into not slowing down. Eat lighter one day and a bit more the next.

Keep a food diary. This has been statistically proven to double your success in permanent weight management. You can even do it online. Free website food trackers can be found at:

You pay a fee to use this food tracker:

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